Trade Passages

China Manufacturing Expert

Does the success of your business rely on having products manufactured in China? Are you worried about product quality, production delays, and rising prices? Have you experienced communication issues and wonder if what the factory is telling you is true?

Trade Passages helps companies and entrepreneurs develop and buy products with success and confidence.

We help and teach you how to:

• Identify the best factories in China
• Build win-win partnerships with China factories
• Create better products with better margins
• Negotiate pricing and contracts
• Manage production and solve problems at factory.
• Improve the quality of your products
• Get your products to market quickly

Don’t waste time and money. Untangle the complexities of doing business in China. Make money. Not mistakes. Manufacture the best quality products in China.

My name is Terry Omata. For the past 15 years, I worked on-the-ground in China. I visited hundreds of mainland China factories and helped retailers and entrepreneurs buy and develop a wide range of consumer products.

I am originally from Seattle, WA, and moved to Shenzhen, China in 2004 after completing a graduate degree in International Affairs with a focus on doing business in China. Prior to moving to Shenzhen, I studied the Chinese language in Taipei and worked at an economic think tank in Shanghai.

I founded Trade Passages in 2005, with the goal to connect clients to Chinese best manufacturers. Trade Passages provides hands-on China manufacturing solutions that can be customized to your situation. I am currently offering one-on-one coaching and am also available for contract consulting work.

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