Hi! I'm Terry.

Let me tell you how my life experiences have shaped me into the perfect guide to help you achieve success with your manufacturing efforts in China.

From 2004-2017 my job was to build and manage successful manufacturing partnerships. I connected clients with China’s best suppliers.

Trade Passages provided hands on manufacturing solutions to clients buying and developing products in China. I have visited hundreds of factories in all regions of China. We have helped people develop and prototype completely new ideas and inventions as well as manage production and sourcing operations for retailers and importers.  

We have worked across many consumer product lines- consumer electronics, gift and premiums, home decor, furniture and office suppliers, sporting goods, video game accessories, toy and holiday and seasonal items as well as automotive accessories. Trade Passages team consisted of merchandisers, account managers, product and graphic designers, QC/QA team, shipping coordinators and accountants.
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For 13 years, our job was to identify and evaluate factories on our clients’ behalf. We would negotiate price and quality expectations for clients. We would manage communication and the production process. We would also conduct quality inspection and help arrange testing services to ensure quality and product compliance. After production was complete, we would help arrange the export logistics to ship the products to our clients.

In 2017,  I started scaling back our on the ground manufacturing services so that i could spend more time with my family while also devoting more time to a brand of products that we now sell online and around world.

I have been on both side of coin, besides helping companies develop products in China, I also understand the issues/concerns of being my own product based company and dealing with the issues of quality, price, delivery time, MOQs, managing inventory, cash flow, expanding product lines, warehousing, shipping, returns/warranty etc.

I now currently live in Bali, Indonesia. Still in the same time zone in China and I fly back to China frequently usually around once every month or two.  

I am currently devoting a couple hours a week to help others that are doing business in China. I am eager to share my knowledge and help people with manufacturing solutions in China.

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